Walpole Woodworkers - Expensive Lantern - poor quality interior parts, made crooked base....

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We bought the Montgomery Lantern over $500 purchase, along with the Hammond Post. Came with flimsy lightweight directions, ABC....GHIJ - left you to figure out how to fill in the blanks.

Interior workings of this lantern were inferior parts for the money we paid. Crooked when built, so it sits crooked, we had to shim lantern so it sat level. We waited to install these two items by a few months, so by the time we actually started working on it, it was too late to send it back. Years before, we bought the Sheffield Arbor with bench, one of its lattice panels was total dry rot just painted over, the company did make good on that item, and sent a replacement panel.

I recommend waiting to buy till you are sure to install as soon as you receive item, as their items are expensive, and beautiful, but are painted over cheap things that you may have to doctor up, with no clear, well thought out instructions to help their customers. They need to come up in quality.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Walpole Woodworkers - Complaint

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I am an electrical contractor on behalf of a very good customer of mine in Osterville on Cape Cod. She is a widow and lives alone.

I feel as though she has been taken advantage of and with her permission I am looking into it. What I will be explaining is exactly what went down from what the customer told me and what I heard when I called the Falmouth Walpole Woodworkers. I have no advantage of lying or stretching the truth so this is how it went down. She has WWW.

scheduled to come out and replace three of WWW post which were rotten. The customer asked if they could call first with a date and time they would be here so that I could be there and install the fixtures at the same time. They did not call and just showed up. They installed two of three posts with no issue.

The posts were a little taller but the two posts the wire was more than enough to connect the fixture. I got to the third post and a string was sticking out of the post. The wire was two feet short, why ?, they put it in the same place like the other two. Well we asked them to come back and pull the post and turn it because the grooves in this post was not facing the driveway like the other two and I could lengthen the cable at the same time.

When the customer called the first time they told her it would be $150.00 to pull the post and turn it. She asked me if I would call because she was getting nowhere. The persons name was Justin. He wasn't the sharpest knife in the draw.

When I called he told me the same thing it would cost her $150.00. I told him that this customer is very high end and have many property's. Those property's have many posts on each one all having pretty long driveways, you can pull her account and see for yourself. They told me that all the workers are on Martha's Vineyard so he has no one to go over and that they would be over there for a while.

Thought it strange but I didn't know nor cared. I asked them if they could call sooner than later for she would like it right for the holidays. He could not promise if by then. Right there I knew they weren't coming.

I told the customer they would try and get there as soon as possible. Well she called the next day to narrow down a date so that she could tell me. They then told her that we will need to charge you $250.00 to come out and twist the post. Two days between conversations and went up $100.00.

She told them she wasn't paying $250.00 for you to come turn this post when not done right in the beginning. They came back saying mam you got those posts at discounted rate and she said I didn't know that and what difference does that make. The post is not in the ground like the rest and plus I know cutting the wire is there fault too. I had no problem lifting the post but it was not right to have her pay me to do it when it wasn't done right in the first place.

Well I lifted that post and turned it and found out why the post was turned. They hit the wire with a shovel and damaged it so they cut it where it was damaged and letting me worry about it. By turning the post 90 deg they did gain about two inches but no way enough. Well trying to make this as short as possible I am not letting this go.

You could be laughing at this letter I don't know but I did not write all this for nothing. 80% of my work is high end customers and an awful lot of your posts out there. Its a shame there really nice posts and its too bad after getting paid in good faith thinking all was done professionally having many posts installed by WWW. you don't stand behind your work.

Please don't think this is a threat because I don't have to give threats. But for what those clowns did to her here I will be having a petition with as many names as I can get explaining what was done to her. I will contact the BBB and will do everything in my powers to cut your sales around here. Everyone loves your posts but I will give them the option to make there home nice and hope all goes nicely or do business elsewhere thinking this could happen to them.

Word of mouth goes farther than anyone can imaging. If I don't get a call by Saturday and you think your big enough as a company that you cant lose business the ball is in WWW court. Her maid asked why not call channel 5 news, that's what her neighbor did and have this looked into. My number is 508-364-8456.

I do not pick up on strange numbers so I ask if you leave a message and if same number to return call. After all the business she has given you and couldn't come out and fix their screw up. Well if you read this whole thing I thank you in advance to discuss tis.

Thank again. My Name is David.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Not acceptable.

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TERRIBLE customer service once they have your money....better off going to Lowes or HomeDepo

Walpole Woodworkers Pergola Review from New York, New York

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The absolute worst company I have ever dealt with!!!!!

Pergola purchased for $22,000 ...

After one year chipped and peeling.

The sunbrella cover was black and molding not to mention the edges were shredded!!! Walpole woodworkers has been completely absent to my many many responses for help in rectifying this problem.

I have been dismissed and neglected and left with a $22,00 piece of junk.

Only when I screamed and yelled for them to fix this matter did I finally get a response!! I beg people to reconsider buying anything from this company as they have the worst product I have ever purchased as well as horrific customer service!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walpole Woodworkers Pergola.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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TERRIBLE customer service ! Waited from May until mid-November, with numerous calls e-mails, forgotten appointments, to get a response/solution? to rotting 8 year fencing...."your problem"

Resolved: Walpole Woodworkers - Do not buy Walpole Fencing..an absolute rip off they do not stand behind..waste

Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Price Affordability

pathetic quality of paint finish, major gouges in wood with actual pieces missing, peeling in months, not standing behind warranty, cracked corners and not honoring warranty, severely unfinished edges and work, blaming everyone else..anything I brought up they said not our problem...the biggest rip off in fencing. Go with "fake walpole" suppliers and they are MUCH better.

The company literally said that every single thing i brought up was not their problem..after I spent over $30,000!!! Please contact me so I can tell you more about how bad this company is and how pathetic their ethics and customer service are: laura@ mccorvie.com

I will be adding lots of pictures after the new year...you will never want to even consider walpole once you see these pictures and read their response.

Reason of review: quality, damaged, defective, warranty, cust service, pathetic.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Mary gaffey, Walpole customer service, Not honor warranty, Blaming others for their quality, Dismissing my issues.

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